5 thoughts on “IBM is ripping OpenOffice apart?”

  1. I’m suprised, this is the first total mischaracterization of this kind I’ve come across while reading blogs.sun.com so far. The headline and post are totally at odds with the article it links to.

  2. I would kind of agree with Mikael here. To me, the situation is certainly not as worrying as the title of your post sounds like ( even with the question mark ;-) ). IBM does not withdraw from OpenOffice.org or its developement. On the contrary, they reuse and enhence their code in other products, and are more than ever involved in promoting the OpenDocument format, which is exactly what I expect from big companies regarding open source formats / platforms / products.
    Of course, contributing back to OpenOffice.org would have been icing on the cake, but the lack of it should IMHO not be taken so tragically :-)

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