Use AJAX now (and never see a line of JavaScript)

Just did my first
flash movie
(done with Wink) on the
auto-completion AJAX component (against a dictionnary web service),
so please be lenient (movie sometime too fast, too big, no voice, no pause, no
text, forgot to show the HTTP monitoring feature, etc…). The good news is it’s
short – 3 minutes (click on the image below).

(a better resolution is available here)

Still, main points are:
– Using plain Sun Java Studio Creator 2
– The AJAX textfield component is available from the Update Center
– The Dictionnary Web Service is already deployed in the app server
– The auto-complete method is executed on every user keystroke
– The dictionnary is 80 000 words/definitions
– You never see a line of JavaScript (all is encapsulated in the JSF
component), and this is a going thing!

Full tutorial for this demo is available here and you can also read this  AJAX “Test Drive” document.
More AJAX components are available for Creator (Map Viewer, Progress
Bar, and Select Value TextField) or thru the AJAX BluePrints Catalog.


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.