Creator 2 out the door!

By the time you read this, Sun Java Studio Creator 2 should be live on

While some have been speculating that only version 1 of Creator would be free, I’m happy to report that Creator 2 is free also.

If you’re not familiar with Creator, you probably want to spend a few minutes looking at this short movie. My favorite new feature is the DataProvider API, but of course, the new set of components (including skining), virtual forms, the better looking IDE, versioning, portlet support, CSS editor, simplier life-cycle, SQL editor enhancements, HTTP Monitor, Session EJB consumption, updated App Server, all deserve a close look.

Creator 2 is built on top of NetBeans 4.1. This means that you can leverage the NetBeans 4.1 Update Center modules. See here for details.

If you’re into AJAX, the text-completion (Google Suggest-like) component is now part of the product distribution and remember that JSF components don’t have to render HTML. Speaking of AJAX, you should take a look at this month’s SDN Channel video and content (“AJAX in action”) – AJAX and Java, Dojo Toolkit (sounds like this higher-level of abstraction toolkit could help AJAX (and JSF) from Sun get to the next level), (Dion Almaer), Tor Norbye. Finally, more AJAX components for Creator are coming to an Update Center near you… (real soon now).

While the tools comes with Sun’s App Server, if you’re into JBoss, Weblogic, or JOnAS, the user forum has tips and instructions on how to use these alternate products.

Creator 2 comes with many sample applications to illustrate what you can do with the IDE as well as to learn things like CRUD applications or JAAS-based security filtering.

Again, the simple-to-install archive is here.

Author: alexismp

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