NetBeans does not only do Java

David Berlind is on a roll with anti-netbeans assertions asking this time “Is 2006 the year that NetBeans begins to unhitch its wagon from the Java horse?”.

The answer is that 2005 was the year Coyote was born and I’m not sure about Sun Studio’s C/C++/Fortran, but that’s old news.

As for the “It does Linux too” comment about Eclipse, it’s simply funny when you look at the issues Eclipse faces on Linux and 64-bit platforms…. NetBeans is Swing and portable as such (they even have OpenVMS support!).

Update: thanks to Huntch for this Python in NetBeans link.

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6 thoughts on “NetBeans does not only do Java”

  1. You \*do\* know that the Coyote project is slightly more dead than every Dodo in the world, do you? The thing last moved sometime last June, and then their feature list can be summarised as “Opens text files” and “Can execute a Python process and give it a filename as argument”.
    Eclipse, meanwhile, has major tool support for Python/Jython, Ruby (and particularly for RubyOnRails , Perl , PHP and many others.
    And by “tool support” we’re talking about debugger UIs, code browsing, quick fixes, outlines, etc etc (syntax highlighting isn’t a feature worth mentioning… that’s the first thing implemented).
    So… comparing Coyote to these tools is very silly…

  2. I’m not comparing to Eclipse (no need to be paranoiac here ;-).
    I’m simply stating the obvious, David Berlind has not done his due diligence.

  3. Perhaps murphee would be a little more pleased with a look at, some how doubt it though ;-)
    Directly from the, “JpyDbg is a Multi Ide Python / Jython development environment which has been originally implemented inside JEdit as a JEdit plugin . Starting with version 0.0.14 most of JEdit Python Development Environment have been made available from inside the Netbeans IDE as well as a standard NBM package.”

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