Worst Sun Presentation Template

I’m now in California for a Sun-Internal training.

The journey started with an early wake-up, partly because the taxi
driver wanted to ride during the night fare or else he “had other
customers” (on a Sunday morning, right!). Even being there three big hours in advance didn’t get me a better seat than the one before the last in the plane (upgrade to
business sounds impossible nowadays given my low traveling profile). It
took me an hour to find a power plug in the airport (why do they hide
them all in a place with so many laptops around?), the plane was almost
two hours last taking off and it felt little a roller coaster for most
of the 11-hour flight (didn’t sleep for a minute) with no iPod which I
had left home… But sometimes, little annoyances like these can’t
change your mood

Having nothing better to do waiting
at the
airport, I decided to look at old Sun presentations, partly to see how
much had not happened as planned. Seeing all those slides made me want
to gather a set of templates used across the years (one of the most
important feature I look for in a presentation tool is how easy it is
to change the template without messing up all the slides formating).
For every name and branding change, Sun had presentation template
changes even more frequently. Here’s a set from older the most recent :

Probably one of the oldest I

Last century template

Old but good looking

We’re the dot!

Even before the iPlanet branding

Don’t you love the tag line?


Take it to the nth!

I kinda liked this one

My personal ugliest template

Really an improvement

The current one, I kinda like it

which one is your personal ugliest?
Have more to share? Send them
to alexis.mp AT sun.com.

Ok, now back to my training. A
little more useful than this…


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.