Romain was only 13 when I was writing java.math…

The best part of any
such conference as JavaPolis
has to be the networking (not the WiFi, the human one). On day 0
(Sunday), I met with Romain
(some might call him Romain GUI), Tor
from the Creator
team (and of JavaPosse
fame), Ludo
from NetBeans/Sun App Server, Judith from NetBeans and Richard Bair
from SwingLabs.
The diner brought some interesting discussion on the
future of Sun tools. Some though decisions need to be made.

Monday, I had a chat with Jean-François

(JMX NetBeans Plugin) quite happy that Apple finally released a 5.0 VM
(5.0 makes things much simpler for JMX).
I met the “Derby people” (Fernanda and Andreas from
Norway), working hard on what seems like very well
received Apache
and Sun announcements
and demos.
I also reconnected with Vincent Bellet (where’s your blog
Vincent??) from ZValley,
a small but effective company focusing on Desktop Java with their WingZ product.
I met for the first time with JBoss’ Julien Viet, Milos Kleint
(MevenIDE), as well as John
a late drink around SOA politics (a good speaker has to be a good
blogger, so John you need to blog more often). I also had many
with Vincent
the French-speaking NetBeans board member. He showed me a nice NetBeans
module integrating content from
web site (FAQ, Tutorials, forums, blogs, etc.) right from the IDE.

Tuesday, I had diner with Jeff
(VP of Java Developer Platforms Group @ Sun), Linda
DeMichiel (EJB 3
co-spec lead), Ron
(JBI spec lead), Charles Beckham
(, Roger
(JSF 1.2 spec lead), David Delabassee
Rudy Van Hoe. With all those spec leads, the most interesting part of
conversation was listening to what the keynote on the next day
could have been if only Sun Corporate had allowed the speaker to remain
on the JavaPolis “spoons”

the other JMX
guy was there and seemed to have less problems connecting his Linux
laptop this time around. I also reconnected with Mobile expert and
former Sun evangelist Srikanth
 now at Nokia. In a quick chat,
Geert Bevin explained that he
really liked CDDL and that he
a dual license (LGPL) only to be able to have GPL implementations using
RIFE (this stands true for the
NetBeans Platform I believe). It was
also the first time I listened to Elliotte
Rusty Harold
and David Geary. Both are excellent speakers I must say. Both use a
Mac, but
Elliotte has an HTML presentation (not even an S5-powered
I guess) while David has a
fancy Keynote
presentation with many useful animations (I don’t usually
like animations).

Finally, I had a quick chat with
Josh Bloch,
mainly to discuss the second version of Effective Java (sorry Don
no Effective C#
 for now it seems). Josh made this
comment when we came to talk about Romain Guy (we were looking at his
Swing/JOGL-powered application running on the big screen) – “I feel old, Romain was 13 when I was writing java.math…”


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