New Java UIs

As with all the Sun software line, Java UIs are being “refreshed”.

New install Mustang (Java 6) splash screen:

New JConsole look-and-feel and login dialog (with attach on demand support):

New JConsole feature: connect/disconnect.

An new splash screen for Java Web Start’ed applications:

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

3 thoughts on “New Java UIs”

  1. Is the comment on Ocean a matter of taste? Can you be more specific?

    The snapshot is taken without any specific l&f setting on Windows XP, but granted, you can’t really get a good feeling of the look-n-feel.
    You should get Mustang and try SwingSet for yourself.

  2. Well, I’m saying that the new look is much nicer than in Tiger. And I figure that is because jconsole now uses XP instead of Ocean L&F. And I’m saying if you think that XP looks better, too, than I suggest you make it the default for all Swing Apps.

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