GlassFish @ JavaPolis, and in the Aquarium

GlassFish has
enjoyed a pretty nice coverage at the last JavaPolis conference
(actually more than what
was planned
). It only had one dedicated
session by Inderjeet Singh
but EJB 3, NetBeans and Java Studio sessions, Apache Derby database,
AJAX, JSF 1.2 and even Rod
Johnson’s Spring talks mentioned
Sun’s Open
Source Java EE 5 Application Server. We also had a good number of
people coming to the booth for questions and demos. I couldn’t attend
the Dali talk (Oracle EJB 3 support in Eclipse), but here’s another
place where GlassFish could be mentioned (see this).
I guess the message that the “Reference Implementation” is no longer
some proof of concept piece of software (this changed years ago…),
but rather a production-quality application server has come across

GlassFish is almost feature-complete. It has
persistence support (via Oracle’s TopLink Essentials), EJB 3 POJO
support with web-tier dependency injection (something most others don’t
have yet). But GlassFish is not just another Open Source java
application server, it also provides differentiators such as the
nio-based Grizzly HTTP listener framework, the web services monitoring
support, AJAX demos and blueprints, modular load-on-demand
architecture, and more. You can start using GlassFish today and even get
the tools productivity with that

If you
want to know more about GlassFish, the Aquarium
(a group blog, a new feature in Roller
) is a very good place to keep an eye on. If you have a
screencast on using GlassFish (such as this
or a technical article on how to integrate GlassFish with your favorite
framework or technology (Spring, Hibernate, Tapestry, AspectJ,
Struts/WebWork, JDO, iBatis, etc), Eduardo
has a little something for you
… Make sure you also file
bugs and RFEs
(need to be logged-in), they are treated as
more important than the ones filed by the
GlassFish team.

Pretty fascinating to watch a community grow before
your eyes


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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  1. “… a group blog, a new feature in Roller 2.0 …”
    I know this is not the place to complain about Roller but I hate Roller’s permalink that doesn’t change the title of the page, all bookmarked pages from roller’s blog have the same title !

  2. Ok, here’s Dave Johnson‘s take on it:

    in the <head> of my blog page, use this to use entry title if page is a single-entry page and weblog title otherwise.

    $pageModel.getWeblogEntry().title</ title>#else&nbsp;&nbsp;

    Also, JIRA issue filed.

    Works great for me!

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