Egos and the OSS

Back in 1999, when I first started looking at EJBs, Rickard Oberg a young gifted student (sounds a bit like deja vu..), was an amazing person to read on the mailing list. Last week, Rickard started a dedicated “JBoss problem” blog. While the problems mentioned all deserve close attention from everyone, I can’t help but think this is the continued drama from previous JBoss/Fleury/Oberg battles.

JBoss kept silent until their JBoss world event. When I read that
“Labourey also denied that Oberg is a co-founder of JBoss When Fleury later started JBoss, Oberg was no longer involved, according to Labourey”
, I can’t help but remember Marc Fleury’s “Why I love EJBs” (yes, even pre-EJB3, afterall JBoss started as an EJB container). This 2003 white paper aka “Blue” dissapeared from JBoss’ web site but had this sentence: “BEA unsuccessfully tried several times to hire Rickard Oberg, who gave us the JBoss 2.X codebase”. You decide who’s playing what game.

Looking at this, the good thing about GlassFish (Sun-originated Java EE Open Source App Server) is that it was started closed source and built by a team, not by a sum of individuals.

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  1. “it was started closed source and built by a team, not by a sum of individuals.”
    Year, you should have seen this sum of individuals, all together setting the fire to the Barcelona’s dancefloors ;-)

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