I don’t feel Grumpy!

I’m probably the last to notice, but NetBeans 5.0 has hit beta (the web site seems to be running very slow now). It’s under 60 megs with many out-of-the-box new features justifying the 5.0 name. Make sure you hit the update center and install and try the “Developer Collaboration” feature.

Most of them are Ease-Of-Use features: you could do it before, but it was just much harder: Matisse (new GUI builder) and writing Rich Client and NetBeans Modules are my two obvious favorite features. I’ve been a Swing developer for almost as long as Swing existed and a NetBeans module developer for about a year, and NetBeans 5.0 doesn’t make me feel grumpy ;-)

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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