They’re doing it again!

Not sure yet if I’ll be going to JavaPolis this
year (December 12th thru 16th, Antwerp – Belgium), but the draft
list of speakers
seems as good if not even better than last
. Just to name a few, Joshua Bloch (“Effective
or “Java
), my friend Romain Guy, XML
expert Elliotte Rusty Harold

lately working on Ajax but which I believe is one of the few to have
expertise in both web and rich clients, Rod Johnson (Spring Framework)
will be interresting to see how Spring is positioned given the
soon-to-be-released EJB 3 specification. David Geary
(no Craig
this year) on Shale (new generation Struts
assuming the presence of JSF), Graham Hamilton
on Java SE future (mainly Mustang I guess), Linda DeMichiel is back to
talk about EJB 3 (lot of many small but important details to hear
about), Ron
on a more developer-focused talk on JBI (JSR 208)
than last year’s, Roger
on JSF 1.2 (the version that’s part of Java EE 5), and
finally it’d be fun to see Miko
(Sun’s first Java “evangelist” I guess, now with
Infravio) on stage again.

Now there’s all that and
most likely many other things (like the RIFE
BOF), some yet to be confirmed. The entry fee is 300 Euro (+ VAT). I’m
not sure how much of JavaPolis’ logos we’ll see in online adds (more rejected
to come?), but there’s a trend going on here:

javapolis add

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