Creator 2 EA 2 and NetBeans 4.1 Update Center

As others (mainly Tor) have already blogged: Sun Java Studio Creator 2 EA 2 (a refresh to the Early Access bits) are now live (what’s new is here).

Just like Valère did with Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 EA, you can add the NetBeans 4.1 (the NB version used by Creator) Update Center to your Creator 2 IDE: Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> IDE Configuration -> System -> Autoupdate Type -> (right-click) -> New -> General Update Center

Give it a name such as “NetBeans 4.1 Update Center” and set it URL (“Server URL” property) to{$netbeans.autoupdate.version}_{$netbeans.autoupdate.regnum}.xml?{$netbeans.hash.code}

All you need to do is now run the Update Center and select the Error Stripe module (dependent modules will be added automatically). As it stands, NetBeans collaboration doesn’t yet work in Creator (not unless you do some hacking).

Error Stripe in Creator 2 (click for larger view):


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.