Tools progress at Sun

Lots of things happening in Sun Java Tools land:

NetBeans 4.2 will really be called 5.0. It’s soon in beta and will feature Matisse (the Swing GUI builder), support for easy plug-in/NetBeans development (both for NetBeans-based Rich Applications and for extending NetBeans capabilities), new CVS, final version of the profiler (now in milestone 8), support for JBoss, Weblogic, Struts, JSF (See Geertjan’s blog), new refactorings, new Options dialog, module manager, JSP and HTML palette, etc…

– Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 is in Early Access. It’s built on NetBeans 4, supports Java 5 (obviously), end-to-end J2EE profiling, and its two-way UML capabilities are really nice (Iespecially like the split between UML and Java projects). Overview article is here. See also this UML article.

– Sun Java Studio Creator: an update 8 for 2004Q2 has been made available (use the auto-update to get it). It fixes a memory leak and seems to switch its update center servers to a new location (this can only get better ;-). An update to Creator 2 Early Access is also due out very soon with many improvements (including memory issues reported by several EA participants) over the first EA version made available at JavaONE last June. See more on Creator 2 here.


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.