Craig is back

Back from a 4-day week-end, I’m drilling through my feeds list and here’s what I see:

“No, that must be some issue with the blogging software showing up old posts as new. Craig hasn’t blogged for months (or was that years?)”. Well, no this is no mirage, Craig McClanahan (wew, no need to look up the spelling ;-) has posted two entries in less than one hour!

From interacting with the Creator team, I can tell you Craig has got to have a twin brother. That or he never sleeps. The number of things he does is amazing and it’s great to see him consider blogging as an important part of his job. With the second major release of Creator (now in Early Access) and the amount of work based on customer feedback that went into it, Craig and the team have a lot to say and share. The new Provider API is certainly something I find elegant (I only wish there was some synchronization with the SwingLabs / DataBinding folks…).

Being listed on Craig’s blogroll (really only because he started blogging during his French trip last year), I’ve had people pretty much every day (at least every time I checked my referers) come in from Craig’s blog. Interesting to see the number of people reading Craig blog months after he posted.


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.