Where’s Mono (going)?

I’ve been regularly looking at Mono and reading Miguel’s blog and while this is an amazing amount of quality work (Beagle is certainly impressive), I still don’t get the business case and have yet to meet a customer seriously considering it. My personal view is that at some point in time, if Mono wants to succeed, it needs to fork and start innovating at the conceptual level. But I’m no analyst and I have no clue of what Mono (or even Java) will look like in 10 years of even in 3.

So, maybe what struck me most after reading Miguel’s latest interview and his collaboration with Mainsoft to make ASP.net run on J2EE, is that he (Miguel) seems to be stuck with a vision of Java from 2000 not giving it a fair shake on its Ease of Development (EoD) progress made in the past few years (JSF and tools for starters) and I dare to ask “Will Java be a head-to-head competitor to Microsoft’s ASP.net and tooling before Mono gets anywhere?”. Some Java optimists may ask “Hasn’t that happened already?”…


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.