Using a text editor as your EJB 3 persistence mapping tool

See for yourself. More EJB 3 support featured here.


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

8 thoughts on “Using a text editor as your EJB 3 persistence mapping tool”

  1. Alexis, this is a minor implementation details. In general and dev. process-wise this is no different from an doclet based annotation. :-)

  2. Hey, I’m not arguing with you! Code completion I’m using comes from JBoss IDE plugin from Eclipse, and it has no support for the table and column names.
    If you can use XDoclet tags with such granularity in NetBeans and pickup table and column names and also support container-specific tags (WebLogic, Websphere, JBoss, etc) I really impressed. But it won’t make me to switch to NetBeans just yet. :-)

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