Sun does Ajax with Creator

Following up on my previous post, let me point you to what Tor has demoed yesterday during the JavaOne keynote. His demo was using a JSF component encapsulating (hiding) all the JavaScript for the page developer. The component is wired to talk to a back-end dictionnary to do code completion. Try it out yourself, go to the Sun Java Studio Creator 2 EA site to get the AJAX component library. Make sure you open up a new project in Creator before adding this new component library.

BTW, this is where the HTTP Monitor which originated in NetBeans and now part of all Sun Java Tools including Creator can seriously help you see what’s going on under the covers.

If you read this quickly enough, you might have time to go to the TS-7986 11am session for much more technical details on Ajax and J2EE or Java EE as we now call it.

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