NetBeans, Matisse and JDNC – Romain’s the man!

Romain did a seriously cool demo today at NetBeans Day during James Gosling’s keynote.

It featured NetBeans, Matisse, JDNC, and SwingLabs/Swingx to build a really sexy MP3 player using data-aware components and simply binding them to contents of the Apple iTunes library (an big XML file). He had told me about it two days ago and just listening to him it sounded very very nice. Well, the demo did live up to my expectations, and if you can, I’d recommend you grab your second chance of seeing this demo at the Thursday JavaOne keynote. Previous posts on Romain’s blog were sort of teasers for this demo.

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Google Developer Relations in Paris.

One thought on “NetBeans, Matisse and JDNC – Romain’s the man!”

  1. That Matisse demo stole the show (at least from my perspective–it was the coolest development I saw at NetBeans day, which I told Romain immediately afterwards when I saw him milling around.)
    I hope some future presenters were watching this demo. A lot of cool technology went into it, and I don’t think any time was wasted. It was clear even without any words, just how well these tools and technologies served users and the developer.

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