pre-JavaONE French Connection

Yesterday evening was (part of) the Sun French (the language, not the country) Connection gathering in Palo Alto. David from Belgium, Jean-Felix from Grenoble, Karim from Switzerland, and myself had diner with Romain “Swing” Guy, Jérome “Glassfish” Dochez, and Ludo “NetBeans” Champenois (The French Java Trinity), and unlike my previous French tech diner in Antwerp, we actually spoke French the entire time.

Romain is at full speed working on JavaONE and in particular on a Sunday NetBeans Day demo which, just from the description he gave me, is mind blowing… Ludo will also demo J2EE and Web Services
support in NetBeans 4.1 both on Sunday and during JavaONE (TS-7725).
Jérome talked to an Sun-internal audience earlier in the day about the recent Sun Application Server work he’s been doing lately, and I would recommend attenting his JavaONE talk (TS-7123) on Monday afternoon. If I don’t sound convincing enough (I know I’m not), simply attend the general session that morning.

Rendez-vous à la JavaONE!

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.