Sun’s New Service Registry product

Building Sun’s pragmatic SOA vision one step at a time, Java Enterprise System will soon (as early as next Java ES release) add another product: a UDDIv3 and ebXML Registry 3.0 server (for SOA artifacts not handled by UDDI). It build on top of this Open Source project and is a key piece for any SOA architecture and if it only fills one need, it would have to be lifecycle management (versioning) of services. Discovery is too far out IMHO.

The product will be shown obviously at JavaOne. It’ll be available as a product in Java ES release 4 (bringing integration with other key products such as Identity and tools) and as a technology in Java WSDP 1.6 most likely made available at JavaOne (Java WSDP 1.5 was the Web Services Security release).

Now, on to JBI!

Author: alexismp

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