Hands-on labs @ JavaONE 2005

If you’re looking for more reasons to come to JavaONE 2005 in San Francisco this last week of June (for yourself or for your manager), you may consider the hands-on labs. This year, there will be close to 50 of them and there’s been some Sun-internal communication lately asking for reviewers. They’ve improved over last years’ labs. Here’s a list of the ones I though were interesting mentioning :

– Java Application Performance Analysis (try to make sense of all those JVM tuning options available)

– J2SE Authentication, Secure Communication and Single-SignOn

– Instrument your application through JMX feature of J2SE 5.0 (using JConsole)

– Java Technology Swing Performance

– Rapid Client Construction with JDNC

– Preparing for EJB 3.0 Today using Hibernate, Spring and EJB 2.0 (pragmatic I would say)

– Spring Framework (certainly heard of it, but have you taken the time to use it?)

JavaServer Faces and Struts Integration (THE #1 question Craig McClanahan gets all the time)

– Document-model Web services programming

– J2EE and .NET Web services interoperability

– Implementing Web Services Security with Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.5 (using standard OASIS WSS)

NetBeans 4.x Plug-in development (for extending the IDE or developing your own rich client application)

NetBeans 4.x Profiler (JFluid technology)

NetBeans IDE 4.1: Quick Start Guide for Web Services (built right in the Open Source IDE)

NetBeans IDE 4.1: Enterprise application development (same comment as above for EJBs)

– Advanced Wireless Java Programming: MIDP 2.0, Wireless Messaging APIs and Mobile Media APIs

– Mobile Applications: Visualize it, Build it, Deploy it to Many Devices (cool technology and tools)

– Connecting Web Services with Mobile World

– Building Grid-Enabled Applications (everyone talks about it, come and actually code something)

– Java and StarOffice Integration (if you can do it manually, you can do it with Java)

I should be proctoring for some of these. So maybe we’ll meet there.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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