SPECjAppServer on Sun’s App Server – done it again!

Small is beautifull too: http://www.spec.org/jAppServer2004/results/jAppServer2004.html.

Over a thousand concurrent users per machine, a million transactions per hour, and all software used is free, including Sun Application Server Platform Edition.

Interesting use of -XX:+DisableExplicitGC. Does this recent SPEC benchmark do explicit GC calls? Not a best development practice…

Author: alexismp

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2 thoughts on “SPECjAppServer on Sun’s App Server – done it again!”

  1. The flag is used to disable RMI induced GCs, which happen at certain point of the lifecyle. Calling System.gc() is a \*bad\* thing in general, don’t do it unless you know you need to GC.

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