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Sun Java Studio Enterprise 7 has upgraded its instant collaboration feature to allow developers to create accounts on a shared collaboration server (via HTTPS or SOCKS 5 proxy). I have mine setup under ‘alexismp’. See you there!

While we’d love to have all Java developers use JSE 7 or even NetBeans to create an ecosystems of collab-aware developers and as cool and useful as this feature can be, we will not have developers switch IDEs overnight. Stay tuned for more and come to JavaONE this year.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

6 thoughts on “IDE Collaboration progress”

  1. Are there plans to make the collab features available through Netbeans? I would love to use Studio, but since I use a Mac at home, I can’t without some acrobatics.
    Of course, if Sun finally realizes that there are many people who do Java development on the mac and need something deeper than Creator provides. Eclipse (and IBM according to the many conspiracy theorists around) gets it. Why not Sun?
    — Fred (Proud owner of a PB 15″)

  2. NetBeans is available on the Mac, not just Creator, right?

    Other than that, I think you’re getting the general idea on what Sun wants to do with this instant collab.

    -Alexis (proud owner of an iMac, only a G4 though :-(

  3. Yes, Netbeans is available on the Mac (although we didn’t get an official NB 4.1 build until the beta phase. Some issues about availability of the app server 8.1 on Mac OS X…). But NB 4.1 doesn’t have the collaboration features in it. Of course, I can probably pull the interesting modules from the Studio and install them on Netbeans, but that goes back to the acrobatics section.
    I guess that my beef is with Sun’s disregard of the Mac platform.
    — Fred

  4. Alexis, do I understand correctly that you’re working on a kind of public API for your collaboration tool? Or even a kind of library which would allow other IDE’s to communicate with JSE7? If so, I’d implement another transport for IDEtalk which would allow IDEA developers to collaborate with JSE7. I know, i know, I should wait for JavaONE, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend it.

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