More diet experiments

Following-up on my NetBeans Diet post :

1/ When removing every module and using the plain NetBeans Platform, the new
numbers are 1117 classes loaded (1422 Kbytes) in 0.57 seconds. But of
course in this case I have no IDE features really (but still useful for
Rich Client developement – see Elan’s posts here
and here).

2/ Using the -Xshare:off option to turn off JDK 5.0
system class sharing does have an impact as jstat -class only
measures the classes effectively loaded and not the “shared classes”
image. I’ve run my tests with no option (other than -client)
which is equivalent to -Xshare:auto. Starting the
NetBeans platform with -Xshare:off does more than double
the number of classes loaded.

3/ I wouldn’t draw conclusions on the loading time as my VM and IDEs
are available via NFS.

Here’s a summary of what I’ve measured:

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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