NetBeans on a diet

Someone on the NetBeans user list asked for a stripped-down version of NetBeans. Someone suggested using jEdit. Others suggested simply turning off the modules that are not needed. So I though I’d do just that and try to measure a few things along the way. Here are some quick results.


– Solaris 9 on a big SPARC iron (SunRay server)

– Java 1.5.0

– NetBeans 4.0 with default VM flags (-client explicitly set to make sure Tiger Ergonomics doesn’t turn this into a -server).

With a vanilla NetBeans 4.0, jstat -class reports 3183 classes loaded for a total of 4048 Kbytes and 4.18 loading time (assuming there’s no unloading).

Using Slava’s jEdit4.3pre2, the same jstat -class command reported 2129 classes loaded for a total of 2599 Kbytes and 1.5 loading time.

After conservatively (I can still launch jEdit from NetBeans ;-) disabling modules in NetBeans (hopefully this is fair to jEdit’s features) and restarting it (just do get fresh data, turning modules off is dynamic), here are the new results: 2456 classes loaded (3127 Kbytes) in 2.00 seconds.

That’s a 23% size and 52% loading improvement which is still 13% to 37% short of jEdit’s out-of-the-box performance.

For what this is worth…

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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