Looking at GPS/Mobile Phone

A couple of years ago I had a first-generation (very primitive) GPS System to hook into my Palm Tungsten T. During a memorable week-end in Antwerp, it was stolen. I recently saw how good such systems had become : 3D-view, audio, easier address entry, night view, bluetooth GPS box, etc.

I really feel like getting myself a GPS for my car. Choices seem to be:

– Buy a new car with a built-in GPS – not an option ;-)

– Buy an all-in-one box (like the image on the left). TomTom is pretty expensive at 600 euros, but looks like the leader. The problem is that most car windshields (including mine) now require an external antenna.

– So I might as well go with an add-on to my Palm device. But my Tungsten T is getting old and lacks memory.

– Since I’m still pretty mad at my Palm and need a new mobile phone (just silly to be telling my customers that Java’s everywhere with my ancient phone), I looked at TomTom Mobile, Webraska’s solution, and others but at 279 or 299 euros, it seems a bit expensive… although I would kinda like to have my phone take over the role of my PDA.

Of course the screen real-estate on a phone is not as good as on my palm but my wireless operator is more relevant for providing content (maps, traffic, etc.) than a hardware maker and this sounds like a truly portable solution (reachargable, small GPS, timing for walking, …).

Let me know if your have suggestions.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.