A few IDE-related links I came across…

– Tim Boudreau on NetBeans Platform vs. Eclipse RCP

“Eclipse Over-Hyped; Developers Suffer”

– As Rob says it in the above article, Borland seems like one of the “vendors clambering onto the Eclipse hype-wagon, hoping to surf a tsunami wave of plug-in profits”. They tasted the pill 9 months ago, now they need to swallow it whether they like it or not.

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4 thoughts on “A few IDE-related links I came across…”

  1. As for Tim Boudreau’s outburst, I find it very unprofessional and akin to a kid stomping the ground because he’s not getting what he wants.
    Yes, NetBeans is falling further behind and it’s sad when an Open Source project has to resort to cheap shots instead of technical excellence to get the attention of the community.
    The NetBeans team should take a step back, take a hard and objective look at the market and start thinking in positive terms instead of bashing the competition.

  2. So I take is not sensible to technical details but from what I read, while some of Tim’s points are a matter of taste, some are facts. JetBrain’s comments are not bashing they explain that many eclipse users are hunting for plugings and ending up with non-free eclipse distros.

    Why would NetBeans be falling behind? Just Eclipse holding a marketing conference? Give us some facts!

    Just out of curiosity,, what is NetBeans’ latest version?

  3. If you’re not sensible to technical differences, just consider the differences between Borland on one side and NetBeans/IntelliJ/JEdit/… on the other hand. One IDE to rule them all? I dont think so.


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