NetBeans news – Eclipse project importer and ANT debugger

NetBeans 4.1 Beta is out. I’ve talked about 4.1 before (EJBs, Web Services, Profiler, Sample Blueprints Apps, etc…).

There’s two things I haven’t mentionned that are now made available (after installing, use the Update Center to download both modules):

Import Eclipse Project (including all libraries and project dependencies)

ANT Debugger (any ANT script, not just the project build script)

See you in May for the final release.

Oh and since I seem to get a lot of referers looking for Subversion support in NetBeans, the profiles are here.

Update: Thanks to Rick Ross for mentioning NetBeans 4.1 Beta in his latest JavaLobby Newsletter and the demo we’ve been through at JavaPolis last December.


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.