Developer Collaboration

This “Developer Collaboration” feature that we now have in Sun Java Studio Enterprise 7 is kinda hard to demo at a customer site since you need two or more machines hooked (and hooking isn’t always easy).

So a good way to find out what this is about is to watch this Webinar by Todd Fast. If you want to skip to the demo part, jump to 20:02. Once you watched this, keep an eye on this month… It would sure be nice to have such a feature available to more IDEs.

Note also that Sun Java Studio Enterprise together with Sun Java Studio Creator are now part of the Java ES offering and all its derived Suites (starting @ $50/employee/year).

Update: Seems like there’s a ball rolling here. Preliminary support for instant developer collaboration is now offered for IntelliJ. For those who didn’t go through the Webinar slide deck, JSE7 uses the Jabber’s protocol – XMPP and defines the notion of Collablets.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.