Antwerp Diners

In a MaryMary style, let me tell you about my Techno Celeb diners last week in Antwerp (sorry no pictures, you’ll just have to trust me).

\* Monday: Linda DeMichiel (EJB 3.0) and Craig McClanahan (Struts, JSF). Web and EJB containers unite!

\* Tuesday: Tim Bray (XML, Atom), Mark Hapner (J2EE, JBI) and Hans Muller (Swing, JDNC). Read about it here.

\* Wednesday: Susan Landau (Security, DRM), Jon Bostrom (Nokia Java Guy) and Greg Bollella (Real-Time Java).

\* Thursday: BabelFish, Otaku, ThinkTank, and Bistro! All fluent in French but speaking English all diner long (a bit sad… ).

Lots of great people! This concentration of neurons almost had me feel smarter for a little while…

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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