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So Microsoft was a sponsor at JavaPolis and before you even read the rest of this entry let me tell you it was a non-event.

The Microsoft presentation was not ground breaking, both content and
speaker. Microsoft has plenty of excellent speakers, Alain is just not
among the best ones (sorry, I didn’t find him entertaining as advertised). His presentation was basically two fold:

1/ After telling the crowd he was disappointed with the attendance (it wasn’t that
bad), Alain went on to a “You know, J2EE and .Net are not that
different…” pitch forgetting things like UML vs. DSL and claiming
“Everything is object-oriented at Microsoft”. One of the first slides
mentioned Tim Gray’s keynote earlier that day (not a typo, Alain pronounced it twice)! Come on, Alain, meet Tim Bray. Ever heard of XML? Maybe that didn’t put me in a positive mode for the rest of the presentation….

2/ More technical stuff on how to integrate the two technologies. I was
expecting something focused on Web Services integration (WS-I Basic
Profile and .NET/JWSDP interop), but instead it started off with big and little endian issues (doh!), and didn’t touch on CORBA-based integration (using for instance this or this).

Since all the presentation content was based on a book by Simon Guest, maybe the speaker had nothing to do with the presentation quality. Maybe the book is simply a little out-dated (summer 2003).


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3 thoughts on “Microsoft @ JavaPolis”

  1. Hi Alexis,
    Thanks for the comment. It’s always good to know how to get better. Every lesson is good to take.
    I’m sorry I did not get Tim’s name properly. It’s too bad it did affect your mood then. However, after reading Tim’s web site, I did learn a lot about him (even more than his name! ;-).
    Now, I really thought about bringing the web-services-based ground work that is underway (at least WS-I). However, I mentioned it, and I didn’t go in detail because I thought that production-ready technologies would be better for the expected audience at Javapolis. That’s at least what I have been told while preparing the show.
    As far as Corba-based technologies, I guess you guys know it by far better than I do… I probably should have mentioned them though.
    See what it is to try to open the communication between all the worlds … as I also said during my presentation, the biggest problem is a human problem/a philosophical problem.
    Of course you know that Sun and Microsoft are working quite hard at the moment to increase the quality of the interop between the two platforms; that’s for the technical part, the easy part. For the human part, we’ll probably have to wait a little longer.
    Thanks again.

  2. Hello Alain,

    CORBA-based interop is the most mature technology IMHO.

    … and WS-I BP 1.0 has been in J2EE since the 1.4 version which is more than a year old.

    Interop is key for our customers and ourselves. I’m glad we’re addressing the issues. Note IBM seems to not get the importance of this effort. Kinda of an odd attitude from the VP of Standards

    The “human part” is indeed important as you noticed by my mood and post. We’ve started pretty far off, so I’m confident that it’ll improve ;-)


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