JavaPolis & JavaLobby

The conference is now over and the content was great indeed. I was doing booth duty and attending interesting sessions. On the “booth” side, there was a lot to say on our development tools – NetBeans 4.0 (which just came out), Java Studio Enterprise (which just came out also), and Java Studio Creator (which will have an update real soon).

Among the people I talked to were Rick Ross and Matt Schmidt from JavaLobby.

We actually spent a fair amount of time talking about Sun tools and in particular demonstrated the Collaboration feature of Sun Java Studio Enterprise (a developer-oriented instant messaging built right in the tool) as well as the RAD ans WYSIWYG capabilities of Sun Java Studio Creator (Matt and Rick had not seen it before in detail). I think they liked both pretty much. Let’s see if they mention Sun tools in their next newsletter. I was pretty confident this would happen until Greg Bollella showed them his Real Time Java “inverted pendulum (viagra) demo”. Hard to beat that.

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the new NetBeans 4.0 advertisement….

More on the “interesting sessions” soon.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.