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I attended Tristan Nitot‘s Mozilla Firefox presentation yesterday at the Interop Paris show. Tristan is one of the 2 Mozilla Europe Foundation people and I’m not sure where he gets all the time and energy to blog so much while doing the Firefox launch in Europe at the same time.

I must say that I haven’t learned much but the presentation was meant to be very educationnal (and did a good job at that) for the broader audience. It’s always interesting to hear a “golden pitch” on a subject you know and see how the audience reacts.

The Mozilla Foundation is less than 20 individuals WW (12 full-time engineers). Other companies (like Sun) provide a total amount of 30 engineers. Two things people often forget to mention about FireFox are (Tristan didn’t) :
– small download size (under 5MB)
– very thorough config/settings (bookmarks, cookies, passwords, history, etc…) upgrade from IE/Mozilla

It was interesting to see Tristan do a browser-based presentation (actually an S5 presentation). It reminded me of the pre-StarOffice/OpenOffice days at Sun when I occasionally presented using HTML pages in Netscape 4 and others even went on doing hand-authored Java2D presentations ;-) These were not just “good enough” approaches, they also made it hard to do ugly presentations (different fonts, font sizes, themes, useless transitions, etc…). The other trend in presentation techniques is to have a bunch of URLs to show and comment (a la Tim Bray). Having said that, I now use StarOffice 7 as my presentation tool, and my favorite feature is “save as PDF” (OpenOffice 1.1 has that also). Simple but very effective.

Firefox RC2 is out and FCS is due Tuesday.
Oh, and I got my “Get Firefox” logo now.

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Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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  1. Hi,
    ” Tristan is one of the 2 Mozilla Europe Foundation people ”
    err… Sorry, but we are closer to 20 people in Mozilla Europe !!!

  2. OK, I am not full time employee, but I give at least 20 hours a week to mozilla europe, so I should be counted as at least 0.5 ;)

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