Alright, I’ve made up my mind (actually my manager’s), I’m off the JavaPolis in December (13th to 17th) in Antwerpen (Anvers for the French), Belgium.

Talk about a funny conference name, wait untill you see their marketing campaign –>

Great content, great speakers. Here’s my draft agenda so far :

Spring in Action
JSF in action (by Craig himself)
Eclipse in Action (need to know the “competition”)
JDK 5.0 in Action (will be fun to see Joshua again)
BPEL in action (if not a repeat of Oracle’s JavaONE session)
Tim Bray’s keynote (great speaker, great content)
Groovy (maybe I’ll finally get enough time to look at it)
JDNC – JDesktop Network Components (same as above, need to dive into this)
EJB 3.0 and JDO 2.0 (see how the two align and how the POJO effort is moving along)
Introducing TestNG (and say hello to Cedric)
Maven (another Frenchman, long time no see)
Apache Geronimo (I need an update)
Tapestry (how it relates/competes to JSF)
Interop. between .Net and J2EE by Microsoft (yes, Microsoft is a sponsor and the speaker is said to be entertaining!). Update: Alain has a blog entry here
JBoss’ Professional Open Source with J2EE (can’t miss marcf!)
The JavaPolis Movie
– Belgian beer (sorry no link, David D. will help out I’m sure)

See you there!

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  1. Edwin Khodabakchian’s “BPEL in action” session is definitely not a repeat of Oracle’s Javaone keynote. 3 hours allow for more than a flashy marketing demo + it’s meant as a small BPEL training rather than a sales pitch for Oracle’s process manager.

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