NetBeans 4.1 Early Access 1

There’s so much things going on with NetBeans that it may be hard to follow. So here’s a little summary of what you can try out and expect from netbeans:

NetBeans 3.6: latest official version with new window manager, new look-and-feel, code folding, method overriding, editor enhancements, Servlet 2.4 & JSP 2.0 support, integrated Tomcat 5, JUnit support, etc…

NetBeans profiler: integration of JFluid profiling technology in the Open Source base IDE. Final version due in NetBeans 4.1.

NetBeans 4.0: beta 2 is out with good Tiger (JDK 5.0) support, refactoring, first-class ANT support and more

NetBeans 4.1: Early Access 1 went out today. This has advanced EJB and Web Services capabilities. Everything you used to pay for is now in the Open Source IDE. You will probably want to check out “Developing J2EE Applications in NetBeans IDE”. Have NetBeans swallow your WSDL and get your Amazon/Google/EBay invocation working in minutes. Note it also provides Sun Java System Application Server 8.1 Beta integration.

Eclipse will eventually catch-up on Tiger support, but I don’t see profiling, J2ME development, or full-J2EE 1.4 support in the core product roadmap.

NetBeans 4.0 is due in December 2004 and 4.1 in April 2005 (beta in Feb.).

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.