IBM a though leader?

One can think I like to pick on IBM. While this may be true, I see a pattern in IBM’s way of adopting technologies. Let’s go thru a few examples.

J2EE : IBM was one of the last to sign in (remember their anti-J2EE initiative?) and the last to certify the technology (WebSphere 4.0).

Tools : while Eclipse is a succesfull technology, it has “borrowed” a lot to Netbeans (replacing Swing with SWT) and it’s quite nice to see IBM now feature an article on Swing’s new look-and-feel… Maybe this issue is more complex than it sounds and has something to do with it. Oh, if you find the Sun commercial about IBM “Shadowing the Competition”, I’d love to have a copy!

Liberty Alliance : after more than three years, they are at last joining the obvious Identity revolution. Customers decided for IBM.

JBI (JSR 208) : The JSR defining the basis for an SOA infrastructure has reached Early Draft Review, and IBM has just left the expert group

– oh, and finally, where’s IBM with OpenOffice? Still working on a Linux desktop with no office tool ;-)?

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

6 thoughts on “IBM a though leader?”

  1. What’s wrong on picking at IBM?
    I’ve been with IBM sales people. They were trying to say wonders about Linux with theyre nice looking Desktops, running Windows XP and MS office.

  2. Hey Alexis! I guess you know how to use Google, but you need to learn to type “” ;)
    eWeek was one of the earliest articles about this.
    Keep an eye on my blog or dancer‘s
    to keep in tune with happenings with and StarOffice.

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