Cherry OS

I came across this piece of software that emulates a G4 to run MacOS X on a PC. I’m sure Apple will have something to say about that…

I like the idea of MacOS X being a safer platform (I’ve been running it with High-Speed Internet for 3 years with no firewall/antivirus without a glitch), but it’s not clear to me where you get MacOS X from ($49.95 doesn’t cover that). I don’t believe Cherry OS licences Mac OS X to Apple.

Have a look at the Java-Powered video (“CherryOS – Introduction”) and see that there’s got to be some java involved given all the NetBeans and Sun Java Studio icons on the inventor’s Windows desktop! Or maybe it is due to this other streaming technology featuring another Java-Powered video for those who doubt what Java can do on the desktop.

So Cherry OS runs on Windows but does it require Windows? Unlike Java Desktop System, other Linux-based desktops, or will “Real” Apple/MacOS X, it seems like you’re still tied to Microsoft.

Fun idea though…

Update: MacOS X is not included ($129 extra). See,2125,65323,00.html?tw=rss.TOP

Update 2: The more I read about this on the web, the more it sounds like a hoax…


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