Subversion (cont.)

subversionSo I’m done with my part of the work translating the Subversion book
into French. I must admit I have mixed feelings about this technology.
I believe there’s maybe too much dependency with BerkleyDB and Apache
(v2.0 only to buy you some level of WebDAV/DeltaV support). What I
don’t like it to see (many) svnadmin commands use BerkleyDB specific options. Not very good encapsulation… While this interview sounds more like Subversion/CVS bashing than anything (I had never heard of Arch
before), I can see myself agreeing with a few ideas like “the admin
burdens are too large”. But then I have not used extensively Subversion
(not my goal nor my day-job).

Note that Subversion 1.1 was released with several enhancements including standard filesystem repository (vs. BerkleyDB) and symbolic link versioning which are the most important IMO.

On the positive side, I hear is moving many (half?) of its projects to Subversion before year’s end. (see Update below)

Finally, note there’s now support for Subversion in Netbeans.

UPDATE: Sylvain (see comments) has provided the link I didn’t spend enough time looking for on the Apache projects that have _already_ migrated to Subversion. Just to name a few – Cocoon, Geronimo, Axis, Struts, …

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