Why managers don’t blog

Of the Top 15 Sun bloggers, only one is a manager.

Almost every Sun field employee works in a flexible office environment – no fixed desk, no cubicle, no privacy. Such generalized flexibility provides better utilization (the N1 Grid for the physical office) and saves Sun dollars but it wasn’t exactly welcomed by most employees. After a while, one needs to admit that while this isn’t a perfect system, information circulates better.

So here’s my little theory. Single offices or closed cubicles are like email – sometimes still very relevant but mainly for one2one conversations (“I want a raise!”). Open Spaces or even flexible offices are more like blogs – one to many (“Who stole my stapler… again?!”). In this Sun flexible office program, we also have project rooms – they’re the wikis of the world (“Let’s actually produce something together”). I’m not sure about working from home, but I guess it’s better than cubicles if you blog.

There are many emails that could (or should) be replaced by blogs or RSS feeds. Most of the emails I receive don’t expect an answer and I never will read them again. In the email best practices, there’s the To: (for action), the Cc: (FYI), and the Bcc: (the somewhat suspicious I-dont-want-you-to-know-that-they-know). We need yet another – Blog: (aka
don’t use email!). Actually, I think that email clients should be extended to blog editors (rather than sending an mail, a blog would be posted). In the mean time, I wonder if company internal blogs are not a nice way around the legal x years of email archiving…

Oh, and I almost forgot about my blog title, Managers don’t blogs – that’s because they use the few office cubicles left!

I wrote these few lines a few days back, but couldn’t post this earlier. In the mean time, others have covered what seems to be a hot topic.


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  1. At quick glance… I see at least two users in the top 15 who are managers or higher (directors).

    Well, I did a snapshot and came up with only one which is a minority.

    Anyway, it isn’t meant to prove anything, it’s just a blog! ;-)


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