What’s in a name

“Bistro” is my blog name.
Bistro is Russian for “fast” (most likely popularized when the Russian army made it into Paris after the Russian War of 1812) and fits quite nicely with the blog state of mind. Bistro is also a synonym for Café which is the place to hang out in France and to have (very) informal talks. Again a good fit.

For those people who may wonder (maybe my US or British colleagues who I feel never use my lastname ;-), in English, my name should be spelled “Musin-Pushkin“, which is somewhat easer to pronounce. It’s an old Russian name and my family emigrated to France during the 1917 revolution.

To give you a little background on who I am, here are a few things I do. I’m a “Java Web Services Architect” for Sun Microsystems France and I’m based in Paris, France. Working with customers, I cover from Java software architecture topics to Sun Java-related software products. I’ve been dealing with Java since 1996 and some of my spare time is spent proof-reading or translating Java and XML books. Bloch’s “Effective Java” (or “Java Efficace”) is probably the one I enjoyed the most. If you’ve read it, you know why.

I will be mainly blogging in English (not my native language so please be lenient) but also in French as I feel this is a great way to comment French content such as blogs and also local articles in which I’m quoted (given my little experience there, I wish I had this idea a while back…).

So welcome to my Bistro, mostly Java & Software comments brewed here!


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Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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